Tako my Tako

So this is how our trip went. First we went to Osaka castle, where there were a lot of fun things. Then we went to a moat tour, where we rode a boat around the moat. we got a really good view. Then we went to the giant Tempozan Ferris wheel. It went really high … More Tako my Tako

Sept 13

so any day we usually go to a day of school until 3:00, then we head home, have some good popsicles, watch dramas, Elise and I go to Taekwondo, then we come home, and… sleep. we did another “fun day no stress”, except it was literally NO stress, because we watched videos from their last … More Sept 13

Sept 6

So yesterday I did another day of Taekwondo. It was supposed to be fun and “stress free”, but when we went in, they handed us jump ropes and said: “now do 100 jumps with one foot each skip switching feet every time.” Stress free… but then we played dodgeball and made it all better. We … More Sept 6

Sept. 3

Today I went to my first day of school on Monday and it was pretty amazing. So, at the school we go to, they give you lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Today, they gave us these rice hamburgers that had rice instead of buns, so I was very happy. Then, at 7:30, at the hospital, … More Sept. 3

Sept 8

     So we went to palgong san with yeju and and her parents today, where we went to the only buddha statue in the world with a hat. Then, after that, we went down all those (about) 358 stairs that we went up. Then we went to a family camp, where they had lots … More Sept 8

Sept. 1, 2018

Today I did a ceramics class with my cousin, Yeju, and Elise. we had a lot of fun there. Yeju and I made people, while Elise made roses. After that, Yeju brought a friend (whose name was Seu Eun)  from ceramics to daegu stadium where we ate dinner and played games. Then, we went to … More Sept. 1, 2018